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Aly Huggins

Aly Huggins

Before I started working with Jenni, I was a mess! Jenni literally saved my sanity! She has been so knowledgeable & clear about all aspects of the business systems. She is always willing to answer any of my questions and help me understand the ins and outs. My anxiety and stress has decreased immensely since working with Jenni!

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Mike & Alejandra Morley

Our company was in chaos, we were really struggling with order and organization!!! Jenni was very professional, not afraid to confront us about things we were doing that were not good for us, nor the business!  Jenni has provided amazing organization and continuous guidance to keep us up to speed about constant changing laws, etc. The peace of mind we receive is priceless, knowing we are doing things the way we should have been for years.

Morley Water Systems, Inc

Crystal Gryniuk

Crystal Gryniuk

Prior to working with Jenni, I was trying to manage it all on my own. I was doing a lot “ok“, but nothing “well” because I was spreading myself too thin and not focusing on my forte. When we worked together, Jenni handled my bookkeeping, including billing and payroll, as well as my taxes. She knew all the important details I would have missed as a new business owner.

Apartment C

Steven Foster

When my wife and I were starting our first business together, we had so many questions. Jenni Davis came in and helped us start our new business. She gave us very helpful advice in a professional and efficient manner. It was an absolute pleasure working with Jenni Davis.  Her vast knowledge of the ins and outs of running a small business was a life saver for our new business. She is always available to answer questions or concerns we have, and she is very friendly and professional.

Monarch Labs, Inc

Steven Foster
Danielle Bomers

Danielle Bomers

When I first sat down with Jenni, I had so many questions and was lost! She guided me in the direction to be a smart small business owner and helped me get all my things in order to run my business properly. She truly got my business going for me! She dug me out of a hole I didn't even know I was in! When we got going on things it made me feel secure in my business and knowing that I was doing things the right way. She put my mind at ease.

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Brian Maust

We were lost. We are good at providing our products and services, but did not know much about how to run a business. JMD Business Solutions helped us put in place processes, procedures, budgets and forecasts. Knowing that Jenni and her team have everything else under control, brings us a peace of mind and confidence so we can concentrate on the things that make money.

Culture Plug, LLC

Culture Plug Brian Carmina Maust

Adam Wulff

Starting a business is chaotic at best.  I was confused about how to even start a business, which was a huge source of anxiety for me. Things run so smoothly now.  Jenni was able to handle all the day to day operations for my company.  But it goes far beyond that.  She is always willing to help guide me in decisions that I need to make for the corporation. I'm not the best when it comes to paperwork, but she makes this place run smoothly. She has helped the business grow. From the acquisition of property, to adding contractors who work with the company. I have complete faith in her handling the operations of my company.

Alpha Air, Inc

Alan Schiller

I thankfully started with Jenni since day 1 of opening up my business. It has been a great experience since. Things are great. Jenni has helped answers all of my questions extremely quickly. She also provides an avenue for growth. As my company grows she supports extra services with remote management and more.

Genetics Training Facilities

Andea Geyer

Andrea Geyer

It was intimidating and confusing not knowing how to handle what should be simple things in my business. Jenni helped break down larger projects into smaller, manageable tasks which made organization within my business much more streamlined. I am able to go forward knowing how to manage both, my time and business operations, more simply on a day-to-day basis.

AC Geyer Consulting, LLC

Rhonda Ouellette

We were very "old school", Jenni helped transition our operations into the 21st century. Setting up an streamlining process. I even love that she will come to my office when I need her!

Arrowhead Termite Control

Arrowhead Termite Control _ RCR Construction

Shannon Coombs

Jenni was part of the opening operations of our store. Jenni was integral in setting up the accounting and inventory tracking system. She also was critical in ensuring that our chosen bookkeeping system was online and operational to the extent that she spent untold hours of her own, working out any and all issues that arose. The support, knowledge and professionalism that Jenni demonstrated during our time of operations garnered such a level of trust and confidence, that she continues currently as our accountant and we have felt more than confident in her services.

Pacific Crest Health Foods

Debora Martin

I had a hard time trying to set up my business. Jen took the time to answer my questions and helped me get caught up on 5 years of paperwork.

Debora's Mobile Service

Debora Martin

Keith Goodman

My businesses were very unorganized and out of order. Jenni helped me and my branches get organized and in sync. I have accountability for every dollar spent and every job with every customer. I’m very satisfied and appreciate the services that Jenni provides. She has really helped me through some hard times that I couldn’t have done without her!

911 Restoration of Elk Grove

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