Grow your profits.
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Bring on the support you need in order to scale your business and still live well.

Specializing in Financial Management for 6-figure (and growing!) business owners.

I empower Service-based businesses, typically marriedpreneurs and partnerships, to optimize the daily financials in their business, so they can reclaim their profit AND have the freedom to get back to doing what they love.

We work together to bring clarity and confidence to your business in order to increase cash flow and make smarter financial decisions. What does this lead to? What you’ve been craving all along: higher profits and increased purpose in this world.  

But it’s not only financial management and profit strategy. It’s a sweet mix of strategic planning (so you can make your mission, vision, and values come to life), operational support (so you can rest assured that your systems and back end operations are optimized and running efficiently), and team management (so the needs of your business are being met by the best team) -- so your financials really work for you.

Your numbers tell the story.

But what if you don’t like the story your financials are telling you?

  By hiring our team to fill this role, you’ll get:

Jenni Davis, a white woman with blond hair meeting with a couple discussing paperwork.
  • A Certified Profit First professional
  • A certified DOO (director of operations)
  • A master in strategic planning (specifically for financials)
  • A relationship moderator
  • A partner in the business who cares as much as you do
  • Candid profit coaching
  • Your own Client Manager working in your business
  • Someone you can truly count on to run the business for you
  • And all the bookkeeping, accounting, and CFO services you’d expect from a financial manager.

Ready to find out if this is the perfect fit for your business?

A note about pricing: our packages are customized to meet our clients’ individual needs so depending on the level of support you are looking for, we have something right for you. Apply today for a discovery call.

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