A Quick Start Guide to Profit First

Decode Your Financials in 30 Minutes or Less

Initiate Your Profit-First Journey & Organize Your Finances in No Time

A Quick Start Guide to Profit First PDF cover

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You've heard about Profit First and you want to implement it. But how? Start here. This guide will show you how to:

  • Unlock the mystery of your vanishing cash
  • Discover step-by-step where your money's really going
  • Elevate your finances in a way you've never dreamed possible
  • Set the stage for profitable growth by identifying your current allocation percentages (even if you think you don’t have them!)

…in less than 30 minutes

Follow the guide step by step:

Assemble Your Key Metrics

Maximize the top three financial sheets that drive your business— there’s underestimated game-changing info hiding in plain sight

Determine Your Financial Health

Unlock the secrets of your financial landscape with these 7 transformational questions that could redefine your bottom line.

Zero In On Your Next Revolutionary Strategy

Pinpoint exactly where to aim your next strategic move and plot a powerful course forward.

Jenni Davis, white woman with blonde hair and glasses sitting at a laptop with her arms crossed on the table, smiling at the camera.

Hi I'm Jenni

Hey there, I'm Jenni Davis, the driving force behind JMD Business Solutions. With 25 years experience of transforming financial chaos into cashflow harmony, I'm not simply working for you, I work with you—I'm your strategic partner.

My real ambition? It's not to be the poster child of JMD Business Solutions, but to serve as your steadfast financial guide, helping you unlock new levels of growth and profitability you never thought possible.

You've sweat every detail to build your business, but let's face it—the financials can be a maze. That's where I come in. Together, we'll demystify your numbers, reignite the spark that got somewhat lost in the daily grind, and pave a clear path to elevated profits and business longevity.

Curious to know the first step I recommend to businesses that want my help?

Start using the Profit First Method.

And you can begin right now using my simple guide.