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Hey savvy business owner,


It's time to take back your profit like never before!

without sifting through endless financial advice, bank statements, or losing your mind...

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Ready to dive right in?

You’ve been around the budget block a time or two.

You’ve tried those online budget-balancing tools more times than you can count.

You even got creative and are now using a mish-mash of a few budgeting concepts, some financial tips and the ever popular bank balance accounting act.

But you still aren’t seeing the needle move when it comes to profit.


Late payments and missed dinners aren’t what you pictured in your “financial freedom” story.


Wanna know a major problem with those traditional budgeting tools?


They use the traditional accounting formula we’ve all been conditioned to accept:


What if, instead, you can become permanently profitable?

It’s possible. How?

By using the Profit First method created by Mike Michalowicz. (The Profit First way has led over 500,000 businesses out of paycheck-to-paycheck survival.)

And it’s all because of this simple (yet powerful) formula.

profit first

Yes, yes. You’re nodding. You already know about Profit First. You’re sold on the idea.
Sales - Profits= Expenses. Perfection.

The thing is you’ve tried implementing it and…it’s overwhelming.

• You aren’t sure where to start.
• You’re not convinced 5 bank accounts can make that much of a difference.
• Or you feel like it may limit you on how much you can spend in your business

You’ve seen the concept:

allocation flow

But there are a lot of colorful moving parts there. How do you implement it?

You hear other business owners talking about Profit First and how it changed everything, but you don’t have the time to mess around with percentages and data.

You’ve promised yourself that you would “get it together” so that when you meet with your accountant for tax time you won’t lose sleep over your profit & loss statements.

But how can you implement Profit First when you are doing all the billing, ordering, customer service, admin AND trying to keep things going so that the single mother you’ve hired doesn’t become a statistic in the 2022 Recession Layoff Report.

Take a deep breath.

It’s not too late to join the 500,000+ businesses that are succeeding with Profit First and start turning things around.

introducing profit first simplified

Profit First Simplified LIVE is your fast track to getting back in the CEO chair (to make confident, budget-wise decisions again.)

Discover how Live coaching, the Profit Planner (aka super fancy Google Sheet) and the Profit Playbook simplify everything you need to fully leverage the Profit First method.


"This program truly couldn't be named better - Profit First Simplified is exactly what it is! Profit First is amazing, however, can feel a bit daunting to implement by yourself. The methods and tools in Profit First Simplified are the bridge between confusion and clarity. I seriously am in love!


The assessment and planner tool is so easy to use, yet so thorough that you can’t miss anything, and actually makes distributions fun. After using it, I could see where I needed to cut and take actionable steps. This tool is a game changer. Thank you so much for creating Profit First Simplified! I can’t thank you enough."


Holly Cain

Founder and Director of Operations

Prosper Collective

Biggest Profit Win:
Down-Payment on my Mortgage



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A live training series and success tracker (aka super fancy Google Sheet) that will fast track your Profit First journey (and wins!) – and includes everything needed to assess, plan for, and fully leverage the Profit First method.

What's Inside..


Including everything needed to assess, plan for, and customize Profit First to your biz.

Live Coaching with Jenni and Kelsy 

jenny and kelsey

Learn the same methods we've used for many years to get client wins. Here’s what we’re covering in each of the four live coaching calls: 

Assessment phase - quickly and easily assess your current Profit numbers and customize your 1-2 year goals

Success planning phase - make your new Profit habit a REALITY by choosing your desired settings and letting the spreadsheet auto-calculate your entire plan

Implementation phase - fully implement and own your Profit results - down to the nitty gritty's of your exact pay dates and amounts

Now what? Let’s make sure you use Profit First in everything you do moving forward - from strategizing a new quarter to eliminating expenses

No more struggling and wondering what you can change. Just show up, bring your questions (and sticking points), and get the support you need!

Note: So you can plan ahead, we’ve already scheduled these calls for Tuesdays – 1/17/23, 1/24/23, 1/31/23, and 2/7/23 at 11:30am Eastern time. Each call will have plenty of time available to discuss real-life situations and for questions and answers.

  • First Call: Assessment - 1/17/23
  • Rollout - 1/24/23
  • Allocation/Implementation - 1/31/23
  • Quarterly Review - What's next - 2/7/23


"Profitability isn’t an event; it’s a habit." - Mike Michalowicz

Profit Planner (aka super fancy Google Sheet) 

Transform the trajectory of your business with our proprietary success tracker, which automates & tracks your entire plan so you don't leave any profit on the table. Experience invaluable growth in these areas: 


✔️ Improved money mindset and habits

✔️ Time-savings from the spreadsheet analysis and automations

✔️ Deeper knowledge of how Profit First helps the different phases of your business

✔️ Savvy ways to repeat your WINS time and time again (this spreadsheet does the heavy lifting for you, throughout the entire plan).


Simply grab your latest profit and loss statement, fill out a handful of fields, and get ready to make Profit a habit!


BONUS - Profit First friendly banks cheat sheet - not all banks are created equal when it comes to the Profit First method. You will want to work with a bank that is familiar with how this system works. These banks are already vetted and ready to set up the recommended banking structure for you

before and after

Step by Step Video Tutorials

getting started

Stop sifting through endless financial advice, credit card statements, complicated math, etc…and have an easily repeatable Profit First process. We’ll show you exactly how to: 


✔️Get started with Profit First

✔️Set up your Success Tracker (aka super fancy Google Sheet)

✔️Quickly and easily assess your current Profit numbers

✔️Create your custom Profit First rollout plan

✔️Fully implement your plan, down to the exact distributions


Everything from start to finish is covered in these simple and straightforward videos that will work whether you’re newer in business or cleaning up your finances. No crazy long tech videos  - each video is under 15 minutes - exactly why we call it Profit First Simplified!


BONUS - Wondering what to do next after you complete your first quarter with Profit First Simplified? We've got you covered with a quarterly workbook.

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Take back your profit with proven systems and live support!


  • 4 Live Power Coaching Sessions ($997 value)
  • Profit Playbook for Quarterly Strategy ($597 value)
  • Profit Planner ($197 value)
  • Total Value: $1791

Yours for $497

You can succeed with Profit First
(even if accounting isn’t your love language)

With Profit First Simplified you can:

✓ Pay yourself more (and more consistently)

✓ Scale without risking your financial freedom (or your sanity!)

✓ Implement your own, custom fit, Profit First system with more ease

✓ Make your NEW Profit habit a REALITY with any stage of business

(Just choose your desired settings and your entire plan is calculated for you)

✓ Take more family vacations, build wealth, and finally be that friend who covers the dinner bill!


I had read Profit First and was eager to try it out, so I contacted Jenni. It immediately targeted where we could improve and has transformed our company over the last 1.5 years. I’m really excited about continually growing with Profit First - it has even solidified our franchising plans for the near future.


If anyone is doubting whether or not to implement Profit First Simplified - whether you're just getting started, or a business that's thriving and already already making a profit, I believe the methods in there can benefit anyone. So check it out - I'm definitely going to continue with Profit First and Jenni!


DJ Profit

Founder and CEO

Elite Ops Exterminators™

Biggest Profit Win:

A tropical cruise with his wife

Profit First is for you if...

✓ Payroll is this Friday, and you’ve got the night sweats again

✓ No matter how much you earn, you're still not paying yourself (aka CEO-poverty)

✓ You desire to scale, but don’t think your cash flows can keep up

✓ You know there is a better way - a path that allows for more freedom and family time

✓ You're ready to implement Profit First and want to feel supported along the way

Recession proof your business

It’s time to crush this next economic cycle and avoid empty bank accounts forever.


You can have your profit guaranteed.


And it doesn’t need to be super complicated to be life-changing.

We get it.

jenny and kelsey2

Hi there,  we’re Jenni & Kelsy.



( And coffee - it’s pretty great too.)

And we know that trying to be profitable can feel like … a lot. Because we’ve been there.


My first seven years in business, this numbers gal (Jenni) wasn't paying herself anything, let alone feeling ready for tax time. And now? I take a healthy profit and have zero worries at tax time.


Over the years I’ve learned that it’s not about how much revenue you earn, but about how much money you keep in your own pocket. I believe in Profit First so much that I want to share it with the world –


– so I partnered with Kelsy Schmidt of Innowik®  -  a tech expert and Director of Operations who works with high-level businesses identifying the profit drains and drivers of their business so they can pursue profit on purpose.

She’s a master of data audits, metrics identification, KPI dashboards, and custom profit creation strategy. Kelsy did the tech work for the Profit Planner spreadsheet that truly allows you to use Profit First in an extremely simplified way.

After a combined decade of using Profit First, and countless client success stories later, we know that small shifts over time are the best way to re-write your financial story.

If you are ready to breathe new life into your business (and bless others along the way), it’s time to start your own Profit First journey. And there's no need to do it alone or worry about your sacred financials facing judgment. 

testimonial 1

We implemented Profit First Simplified straightaway, and now I don’t even have to think about it! Using the guides and everything from your training made the process stress-free, and of course I enjoy seeing the direct connections between my efforts and my pay.


Ryan Schmidt

Founder and CEO

House and Turf™

Biggest Profit Win:
An amazing deal on a pair of used Jet Skis!

We will absolutely be using Profit First in everything we do moving forward. I've gained a new level of confidence and an expanded vision from using the Profit First method, especially with the support from Jenni! Not only have we grown our business- our family has been able to invest in personal aspirations- such as our health, passion projects, our Vegas wedding, and even a family trip to Six Flags!


Isaac Clark

Director of Operations

911 Restoration

Biggest Profit Win:
December wedding in Las Vegas fully funded!

Isaac Picture
Screen Shot 2022-11-09 at 4.37.17 PM

We are obsessed with your success and confident that Profit First Simplified will give you exactly what you need to implement Profit First in your business.

To that end, if you’ve gone through the entire program and are not satisfied with our level of service, please let us know and we will work with you to find a solution.

The faster you act, the faster you can become permanently profitable

You Asked, We Answered

Why should I use Profit First Simplified when all the steps are already outlined in the book?

All throughout the Profit First Simplified program, we do much more than just guide you through the book.  Actually, we recommend reading or listening to some of the book in prep for our time together (so you can understand why it’s so beneficial). With Profit First Simplified you get these additional benefits: live coaching with Jenni and Kelsy, the Profit Planner, which literally makes all the necessary calculations for you, and other materials such as the quarterly workbook - which means Profit First Simplified will be working in your business for years to come!   

What is the point of Profit First if I can just cut my expenses the traditional way? Like, where do I pull the money from if I don’t have enough to pay rent?

This is what we call the “moment of reckoning”. There will likely come a time, for every business, when there is not enough money in the Operating Expense account to cover “everything”. This is when we recommend that you: get real with yourself, get creative in cutting unnecessary expenses, and do not use money from elsewhere. The crux of this whole issue is one of the major reasons you needed Profit First in the first place, right?!?!

My business is brand new and doesn’t have a financial history yet. Does Profit First even apply to me?

Yes! The sooner you start Profit First, the sooner you can become permanently profitable - which, of course, is very helpful to new businesses! Profit First Simplified is for anyone tired of living in CEO-poverty, is ready to implement Profit First, and wants to feel supported along the way. It’s perfect for those who have been in business for years and need to stop the struggle, or those ready to start a business right-on-track.

Do I need anything special in my tech stack to be able to use Profit First Simplified?

Nope, nada! You simply need an internet connection (you’re already here, right?!), a free Google account (to benefit from the Profit Planner), and a free Zoom account (to benefit from the live coaching). 

Do I really need all those bank accounts? That seems like a bit “extra”.

The financial gains you will get from Profit First Simplified are absolutely worth the effort of setting up some additional bank accounts. Contrary to what you might be thinking, the additional accounts simplify your cash management processes because each account is very intentional. Additionally, we’ll share our Profit First friendly banks cheat sheet with you - these banks are already vetted and ready to set up the recommended banking structure for you.

Since Profit, Tax and Owner Pay are all saving for my benefit anyways, can I just put all that money into one account?

No way, Jose. While the money in these accounts are all saving up for you, the purpose and timing of each are unique. For example, the Tax account is for taxes, the Owner’s Comp account is for your “regular paycheck”, and the Profit account is used to pay you a nice quarterly bonus and savings for that rainy day fund  - that you are to do something fun with! Now how are you supposed to treat yourself to a proper celebration if all the monies are muddled together? In case you missed it, see this chart again.

How long can I get an ROI from this program and the Profit Planner tool? Will it quickly become obsolete like other tools I’ve seen in the online space?

Profit First Simplified was designed with this question in mind, and the Profit Planner tool was built such that it can handle your entire Profit First journey. For example, most businesses start on an 8 quarter plan, which lasts two years. Additionally, there are quarterly processes that we will teach you how to do. You can even use the live coaching opportunities to show up, bring your questions (and sticking points), and get the personal support you need. And finally, two years later, you can re-use the Profit Planner tool with fresh dates!  

I’m a Bookkeeper or Accountant and love the idea of using the Profit Planner tool with multiple clients. Can I purchase Profit First Simplified for this purpose?

One purchase of Profit First Simplified = one business. Each purchase provides you a license to download one copy of the Profit Planner (the dashboard) for your personal use or for use in the course of one client's business. Specifically, you may use the dashboard for your own personal use or when providing one-on-one services for one client's business. Heyyy agency owners - we will be publishing our licensing options in the future! Email if you're interested in this.

Is there a money back guarantee?

This is a highly-vetted program and we share the same methods we've used for a combined decade to get client wins. To that end, we consider a money back guarantee as unnecessary. However, we are obsessed with your success and confident that Profit First Simplified will give you exactly what you need to implement Profit First in your business. If you’ve gone through the entire program and are not satisfied with our level of service, please let us know and we will work with you to find a solution.


We know what it feels like waking up to an empty bank account. Traditional accounting methods are holding wayyy too many service providers and businesses back.

We’re here to change the status quo. But we can’t do it alone. We believe that YOU have what it takes to make this change (that’s why you’re here, right?!), and you just need a great support system to help you shift the momentum.

In just a few minutes you’ll have access to everything you need to dive right in. 

In fact, you could have your new profit plan ready by tomorrow. We can’t wait to see how this transforms your legacy!


jenni + kelsy celebration large

Ready to take back your profit now?!

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  • 4 Live Power Coaching Sessions ($997 value)
  • Profit Playbook for Quarterly Strategy ($597 value)
  • Profit Planner ($197 value)
  • Total Value: $1791

Yours for $497

Have any questions? Send an email to