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Are you ready to put Profit First, but feeling overwhelmed with how to start?


Or maybe you're just ready to pay yourself already?

It's time to take back your profit like never before!


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A mini-course and spreadsheet automation tool that will fast track your Profit First journey (and Profit WINS!)

Without sifting through endless freebies, complicated math, or questioning whether you’re doing it right.

It's perfect for business owners who are ready to make Profit a habit, and includes everything needed to assess, plan for, and implement the Profit First method.

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Ever feel like?

No matter how much you earn, you're still not paying yourself?

You desire to scale, but are unsure if your finances can keep up?

You're ready to implement Profit First, but unsure of where to start?

Imagine this

Paying yourself more (and more consistently!)

Scaling without risking your financial freedom (or your sanity!)

Implementing your own, custom-fit, Profit First system with ease

We got you...

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Jenni Davis is a certified Profit First Professional who loves taming the chaos and planning for Profit.

Kelsy Schmidt is a certified Director of Operations and dashboard designer who loves a sophisticated spreadsheet and making the numbers sing.

Together we created Profit First Simplified, and are beyond excited to support you on your Profit journey!

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