Ready to ditch the overwhelm and grow profit on purpose?

Marriedpreneurs and partnerships hire our team to manage the daily, financial operations of their business so they can reclaim their profit AND have the support they crave to scale with ease.


You don’t have to try to do it alone.

Your business is thriving, but you’re overwhelmed by everything on your plate. 

You’re so stressed about the financials, the day-to-day operations, and the backend work that you’ve forgotten about the passion that led you to start your business in the first place. You need to make a massive change (for your own health and wellbeing) but feel so paralyzed right now. 

This is where I come in.

Specializing in Financial Management for
6-figure (and growing!) business owners.

As a Profit First Strategist and Cash Flow coach, I come in to wear the “money” hat in your business so you can finally trust someone enough to let it go. I swoop into your business, take the financials and operations under my wing, and set you free to do what you love again.

  • No more arguments with your partner about cash flow or investing in the business.
  • No more ignoring your financial statements and just “hoping for the best.”
  • No more nighttime anxiety wondering if you’ve made the right decisions to keep the business moving forward.
  • You’re looking for the perfect partner to help you scale your business

You can pass on those responsibilities to me because that is my GIFT and what I do best.


What our clients are saying

There’s a better way to do small business finances.

And it starts with the partnership with you -- so you can THRIVE, doing what you do best. 

Jenni Davis leaning against a brick wall

Hey, I’m Jenni, and I’ve been put on this earth to use my God-given skills to strategically grow my clients businesses, increase their profits, and create a stable financial plan for long-term success. I’ve been referred to as the “work wife” and even “ their number 2 in the business” because that’s how much stress gets removed from my CEOs lives when they bring me on as part of the team. 

I care as much about your business as you do, and that’s a promise. By taking ownership of both your challenges AND your successes, we’ll work together to grow the business into a profit machine that finally brings freedom back into your life. 

You can get back to enjoying the lifestyle your business was created to provide for you: time freedom, growing bank accounts, a focus on your family, and multiplied impact. 

The time to finally take that vacation. 

The energy to take better care of yourself. 

The brainspace to be the visionary again.

It’s a bit like magic. Ready to experience it for yourself?

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