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Working with our clients, not simply for them

As you are considering working with us, we wanted to share a few details about what that would look like.

When you enter into a relationship with JMD, you will have your own client manager assigned to you. However, anyone on our team is available to assist you whenever you need it. Our primary objective is to provide a customized service experience to each client, catering to your specific requirements, and making you feel like you are our only client.

Our goal is to empower you, maximize your profitability, and help you achieve your financial objectives. That is why all of our financial support packages include the Profit First cash flow methodology. As a Certified Profit First firm, we do not exclude any of the tools at our disposal, as it goes against our philosophy. The degree of our involvement in your success is entirely up to you. We have laid out several options for you to choose from, so select the one that best suits your needs. We are thrilled to begin this journey with you!


And since I'm a numbers person...



Our Services

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Building Blocks Bookkeeping:

Your Stress-Free Financial Foundation

Who's It For? The new entrepreneur, grinding away, making those first big sales and realizing you need more than a spreadsheet. You want peace, compliance, and the comfort of knowing your small but growing empire is in good hands.

What You Get: Clean books, clear mind. This isn't about bells and whistles; it's about trust. Trust that your numbers are right. Trust that you can focus on growth and leave the nitty-gritty to us.

Profit First:

Your Profitable Habits

Who's It For? This system is for everyone with cashflow! The sooner you start with Profit First, the sooner you will master financial discipline and force your business to run efficiently. No matter how new or established your business is, you should not wait to implement Profit First. 

What You Get: Money back into your pockets, consistently! You don't get profit in good quarters, you get profits in EACH quarter and as your business grows in profitability health, so do profits. You get less headaches, less panic about account balances, and way more financial freedom.

CFO Services and Operational Services:

Your Financial Success Partnership

Who's It For? The business owner who is ready to hand off the reins to someone who can truly keep eyes on all the financial inner workings of their company. We're talking about forecasting hires, income and expense projections, and anything to keep you ahead of the curve with profits high.

What You Get: A completely hands-off financial thought leader that has your profits in mind. You get to be in the driver's seat for the things you want to do, instead of stressing over numbers you can't figure out (on top of all the other problems you solve). You're about to experience the joys of financial health without taking charge yourself. Finally!


First 30 Days

  • Get into your accounts and begin review
  • Assess and work through any cleanup 
  • Outline the plan of action for improvements and new developments

30 - 60 Days

  • Continue getting to know each other and building our relationship for the long-haul
  • Begin building customizations and refinements for business processes
  • Start thinking ahead to scalable practices for ops procedures

60 - 90 Days

  • Ensure the day-to-day workflow is smooth and with little error
  • Capitalize on procedures documentation for cross-training and sustainability in business growth and changes that may come
  • Establish milestone goals for quarterly health assessments and quality assurance 

What to Expect

We explore your business challenges with you


  • Our undivided attention as we explore your business challenges with you.
  • Suggestions for customized systems that fit your unique strengths, personality and business model.
  • Maximum value in the form of straightforward coaching, clearly communicated guidelines, templates of standard systems, outlines of tailored solutions, individually designed checklists, and anything else that would apply to your situation.
  • Email responses are given starting within 24 hours during business hours, depending upon your support package, (except for weekends & holidays).  Should my time not allow a proper response, I’ll send an acknowledgement upon receipt of your email and commit to replying in full at a specific time.
  • Confidentiality—information about your business, your systems and our work together will never be shared without your knowledge and approval.

Client Testimonials

Melinda Slater

The biggest impact that JMD Business Solutions has had on my business is through the profit first formula. This value alone is reason enough to work with them. I have been able to put aside money every month to cover all of my business and personal needs from payroll, to taxes, to expenses, savings and profit!

Now that this is in place, I can really start paying myself more money (better salary) and provide for the business as it needs to grow and sustain itself.

Slater Interior Design

Ali Dunn

Working with JMD Business Solutions has transformed the way I run my business and my bottom line. As someone who has a ton of vision yet struggles with accounting details, I now have a clear understanding of all of the financial aspects of my business. My profits have almost doubled since working with JMD and I feel extremely prepared when tax season rolls around. Highly recommend!

Ali Dunn Coaching

Lauri Arron

JMD Business Solutions has not only been very efficient, but has provided a very easy to view (and understand) P/L. I've found them to be friendly, strategic, responsive, and resourceful. They have made some strong suggestions for my business as well and I could not be happier with my choice to work with them. If you are looking for a full service financial agency, then I highly recommend JMD!

Lauri Arron Coaching

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