Remember when you started this
business doing what you loved most?

It’s time to get back to that, and we’ll help you
find the path to get there.

Being a good steward of the money in your business is more
than having a good bookkeeping system.


Hey, I’m Jenni Davis, founder of JMD Business Solutions.

I’m a Certified Profit First Professional Advisor, CFO, and Operations Director combined into one role, and my team and I come into service based businesses as the "Chaos Tamer", the "Money Manager", and "their #2" in the day-to-day financial operations of the business. Why? So these CEOs can finally ditch the financial pressure that puts stress on their business and relationships, so they can kick the overwhelm once and for all, and find joy in the business.

We are here to bridge the gap.

Worried about the overhead of hiring a CFO?
Concerned that accounting is stuffy and boring?
Not sure about the process of releasing control?

This business was created to meet the needs of entrepreneurs just like you. To support you in every season. To speak your language and support your relationships. To fight for the success of your business just like you would.


It’s more than financial coaching, more than financial operations.

Our perspective is that financials form the foundation for EVERYTHING ELSE in the business. Every smart decision comes down to the numbers, and having an accurate reading is essential to grow and scale in the way you want.

Through profit strategy and cash flow design, we come alongside our clients with a “can do” attitude and take ownership of the financial aspect of the business so they don’t have to anymore.

Our goal is to eradicate financial stress for our clients and plan for profit like they’ve never seen before. We’re breaking the mold in the accounting/CFO space, combining financials and operations in a way that skyrockets cash flow and plans for profit.

Jenni Davis, white woman wearing a blue shirt pointing at a whiteboard

We hold to these core values:


  • Planning and Purpose - to be intentional and aligned in everything we do
  • Leadership - to influence others through good example
  • Authenticity - to be true, trustworthy, candid, and credible
  • Cultivate - to learn, teach and grow continually
  • Excellence - to always provide quality products and superior service

Our Process

We believe the numbers tell the story.

Discovery Call

Profit Assessment & Strategic Financial Planning

Create a Blueprint for Financial Success & Execution of the Plan